About the comic

Pure of Heart is on hiatus. In early 2019 I had a child, and he is currently taking up almost all of my time. I’m planning on getting back to my comic once we’re out of the pre school years.

Human-werewolf relationships are always tricky, especially when the werewolf is heir to the throne. After years married to the prince, Penelope falls for another human – shame he’s a bit of a loser. Things get messy when they find themselves embroiled in the midst of royal intrigue, and dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Can they overcome danger and their own issues to give the baby a chance? Pure of Heart is a comic about aristocratic werewolves, human weakness and scheming siblings.

Please note that the comic contains some adult themes and isn’t suitable for children.

About the characters

The Werewolf King

The ruler of the werewolf kingdom.

The Werewolf Queen

The actual ruler of the werewolf kingdom – the king always listens to her.

Prince Archibald

Heir apparent to the werewolf throne.

Princess Alexandra

Would love to be queen someday. Shame about her little brother.


Accidentally married into werewolf royalty, definitely does NOT want to be a werewolf.


He had a number 1 single in 1979, and hasn’t done much since.

About the creator

I’m HamsterToybox, creator of Pure Of Heart. I also have a few pieces in the zine Werewolves Vs.

In 2010 I achieved a merit in art foundation at Bristol School of Art, then went on to study Multimedia and Graphic Design FdA at City of Bristol College. Upon finishing my degree I decided to focus on building up my illustration skills.

I live in Bristol, UK.