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Chapter 1 now available in print!

Pure Of Heart is a comic about werewolves, royal intrigue, and a paranormal romance gone wrong!

In the first chapter, Blood Lines, Penelope inadvertently marries into a werewolf royal family, much to the chagrin of the king. Princess Alexandra couldn't be happier though.

Pro tip: Don't mess with werewolves. Especially rich and powerful werewolves.

Read in black and white.

Pure of Heart is published as webcomic on Tapas and Webtoons.

Tapas updates Mondays. I am in the process of converting all the pages to mobile format, and am adding them to Webtoons as I do so.

Read in colour.
The colour version is available for $1+ Patrons on my Patreon page. All Patrons receive a hi-res, full colour PDF of Pure Of Heart, including several pages not yet uploaded onto In addition:

Read in print

Order a copy here. Patrons get a discount!


Chapter 1 can be ordered from my Etsy store, or is available at Excelsior Comics in Bristol.


The best way to contact me is by email: my address is hamstertoybox at g mail .com (Delete the spaces)

I can also be found on Twitter.